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Frequently-Asked Questions


You may have a lot of questions about our services and products. Corner Drugstore is committed to making things as easy to understand as possible, so we’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions here.

Q: Where are we located?

A: We are located on the corner of 5th Street and 8th Avenue SE, 3 blocks of the City Hall in East Village.

Q: Where do we deliver?

A. Anywhere in the Calgary city. For same day delivery call before 3:30 PM.

Q: Do we directly bill insurance?

A: Yes, we do.

Q: Can we fill any prescription, from any doctor?

A: Yes, please get your doctor, dentist, podiatrist to call it in and/or fax it (403-264-4618), and if you are not able to pick it up, we will be happy to deliver it.

Q: What if I am not able to bring in my prescription?

A: Just get your doctor to call it in and/or fax it.

Q: How do I transfer my prescriptions from my current pharmacy to Corner Drugstore?

A: Just give us a call and we will contact your current pharmacy for transfer by fax.

Q: What is the cut off time for the same day delivery?

A: It’s 3:30pm Monday through Friday. No deliveries on weekends.

Q: Can I give my credit information on the phone to pay for the delivery?

A: Yes, you can. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

Q: Can you refill/renew prescriptions?

A: Yes, our pharmacists are authorised to renew/refill upon assessments.

NOTE: any other questions, during business hours please contact us via phone 403-263-4620 and/or email at:

Prescription Delivery

Contact us to ask about our prescription delivery services.

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