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If you’re looking for a drugstore that offers prescription delivery and more in the city of Calgary, look no further than Corner Drugstore. We are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied with the service you receive. Come in to visit today, and experience the great services we offer firsthand.
Our blister packaging service is free of charge for patients filling their prescriptions with us.
We know that education is key when managing your diabetes, so we encourage you to speak to one of our Diabetes Educators.
We offer a wide range of services that can help you and your family maintain good health and avoid emergency situations
We offer injections both by drop-in and scheduled appointment, and can even help remind you when your next injection is due.

Offering a Variety of Services

With a Variety of Products

Come in and visit our store to learn more about the products we carry. We are always happy to see you.
















Blister Packaging

Our blister packaging service is free of charge for patients who fill their prescriptions with us. This service is ideal not only for those who have trouble remembering to take their medications, but also for any patient on multiple medications who simply wants the convenience of blister packing. This service enables us to best manage our patients’ drug therapy. It allows us to avoid confusion and make any immediate changes if or when necessary.

Our medications compliance program will simplify and organize your medications into convenient blister packs.

  • All medications grouped by time of day and day of week
  • A convenient alternative to filling weekly pill boxes
  • See at a glance whether medications were taken; eliminates missed and double doses

Did we Mention Free Delivery?

This service includes free delivery on a weekly, semi-weekly or 4-week rotation as determined by the patient’s needs. Please call us if you wish to discuss this service for you or a loved one. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Online Rx Refill Request

Use the form below to submit your prescription refill request. For same day refills, please call 403-263-4620 to confirm same day pickup.

Diabetes Consultation

Diabetes can feel overwhelming when it is first diagnosed, but at Corner Drugstore, we are here to help you manage it. This service is customized to each patient’s needs, and may include basic diabetes education. These sessions can include the following:

  • Discussing the risk factors associated with diabetes
  • Review of current drug therapy
  • Training on a home blood glucose monitor
  • Insulin starts
  • Talking about why you should monitor your blood sugars
  • Reviewing your lab results
  • Basic nutrition counseling
  • Ongoing follow ups

Education is Key

We know that education is the key in managing your diabetes, so we encourage you to speak with one of our Diabetes Educators. You may also wish to visit the Canadian Diabetes Association website at for further information.

Clinical Services:

Our pharmacists are licensed to renew your prescriptions for current ongoing therapy to help provide uninterrupted treatment. We assess symptoms of minor conditions, such as coughs, colds, eye infections, allergies and can offer treatment through non-prescriptive medications, over the counter medications, and prescription medications. We can otherwise refer you to the most appropriate treatment location.

We also offer a wide range of services that can help you and your family maintain good health and avoid emergency situations, including:

  • Help with over-the-counter medications
  • Information on how to properly store and take your drugs
  • Medication review to see if all the medications you are taking are necessary and that the dosages are appropriate
  • Give you advice on non-prescriptions and natural health products
  • Monitor and help manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, COPD or high blood pressure
  • Design weight loss and smoking cessation programs


Assessing your health and drug therapy needs by considering your health history, current health status, current drug therapy, diagnostic and laboratory test results, allergies, lifestyle habits, and other relevant information. We make evidence-informed decisions when performing authorized activities including dispensing, prescribing, and administering drugs, vaccines, or other alternatives (including by injection) to treat or prevent disease and to maintain your health.


Working with you to develop your health plan, which may include drug and non-drug alternatives. As a key member of your health team we consider your health status, health goals, and personal preferences when assessing your overall needs. We consult, collaborate with, and advise other health and community service providers to provide care that is both integrated and coordinated.


Educating and supporting you to use your treatments properly. Together, you and our pharmacists monitor the response to your health plan. Our pharmacists may adjust your drug treatments to support you in reaching your goals and to minimize the impact of undesired effects.


Coaching you about healthy living (e.g. nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, substance misuse and abuse, and sexual health). We offer screening programs to identify personal health risks and immunization services to protect you from disease.


Directing your pharmacy team and ensuring the drugs and services you receive are safe and of high quality, and delivered in a professional and ethical manner. When your team does not include a pharmacy technician, your pharmacist takes responsibility for all roles that a pharmacy technician may provide.


The role of the pharmacy is changing. Corner Drugstore has pharmacists certified by the Alberta College of Pharmacists to administer injections. We offer injections by drop-in as well as by scheduled appointment. We can even help remind you when your next injection is due.

Vaccination clinics for businesses are also available.

The cost for injection administration is $15. Note: some clients may be eligible for coverage of their injection through the Alberta Public Health Activities Program.

Our pharmacy provides the following injections with a Doctor’s prescription:


Free Flu Shots

Protect yourself and those around you by getting annual flu shots. The vaccination process is a quick and simple procedure that enhances the safety and health of yourself & the community. Join us in our shared effort to promote good health practices. 

Appointments are generally in the middle of October every year.

Vaccination clinics for businesses are also available.

Meds Review

Your medication review includes a private consultation with our pharmacist for you and/or a family member. You are encouraged to bring in any vitamin and natural health supplements in order so that we can best assess your total drug therapy. Our pharmacists will address any concerns you have regarding your current drug therapy and check for any drug interactions or other drug-related issues. After review and assessment of your concerns, our pharmacist will contact your physician with recommendations and/or determine where follow up is needed. We encourage all of our patients to have a medication review annually.

Get Your Private Consultation

Please call to book your appointment today.

This service is covered through the Alberta Public Health Activities Program for patients that meet certain criteria.


The role of the pharmacy is changing. We are now able to renew prescriptions for continuity of our treatment as well as prescribe new medications subject to assessment.

Speak with our prescribing pharmacist about options for:

Smoking Cessation

We have a smoking cessation specialist available to help you succeed in quitting. Our program includes education on strategies and aids best suited to help you quit smoking for good.

12 Week Program

Our comprehensive 12 week program includes meeting with our pharmacists who will help you determine what strategies are best suited to your lifestyle and will help you set attainable goals. Then, we will follow up with you on an ongoing basis throughout the 12 weeks. We encourage you to start on the path to good health today. Call to book an appointment.

Home Visits

At Corner Drugstore, we understand that some people might not be able to come into our store. Illness happens and it can hinder your ability to visit in-person. That is why we offer home visits where we will come to your house and find out what your needs are. We will also deliver medication to you.

Free Delivery Services

We are committed to excellent service and convenience for you. That’s why we offer free delivery on prescription medication. We can deliver city-wide. If you call us before 3:30 PM, we can often deliver it same-day.
Based on 108 reviews
Colton H.
Colton H.
Great drug store. A little expensive though.
Rob Osborne
Rob Osborne
This pharmacy has always been great. Staff has always been friendly. Never ran into any problems here. It’s been a big part of the East Village community.
Dustin S
Dustin S
Moved to Calgary in November 2022 and needed somebody to administer allergy shots. This pharmacy gave me the allergy shots without me ever filling a prescription there. Always very kind and makes time for me (even on a busy day) as I come weekly for the allergy shots. Would recommend this pharmacy to anyone!
Scott Neary
Scott Neary
Family-owned, super-friendly.
Almoonir Dewji
Almoonir Dewji
Great service.
Jason Kostiw
Jason Kostiw
Great place to quickly fill prescriptions, staff are very friendly and helpful.
Kamal Gholami
Kamal Gholami
A great pharmacy service with professional people working there. I merely send an image of our prescription and the medications are usually dropped to our doors on the same day free of charge. In a few circumstances, I sent the prescription after their delivery person left the store and they called him to return and deliver our prescription the same day. It has always been above and beyond our expectation. Thank you for your great service.